Andrew Tate

British-American Kickboxer Andrew Tate is convinced that he’d “Destroy Jake Paul” in a fight and challenged him to a match, claiming that he would be willing to pay $3million (£2.5m) to make the match happen.

Tate, who was a reality TV star and kickboxing champion before reaching massive fame on social media (TikTok in particular) over the past year, has said that he would be willing to pay $3million to make a fight with Paul happen. He has fought some of the best kickboxers in the world and even won a couple of fights in professional and amateur MMA before retiring from combat sports due to eye issues.

Tate came back for a bout in 2020 and has said he believes he would be able to beat Paul, despite insisting that the YouTuber-turned-boxer he is much tougher than most fighters give him credit for. The kickboxer, who goes by the nickname ‘Cobra Tate’, is a controversial figure for his views on women and society but has a massive following with Paul’s audience.

“I offered him $3m at the time,” he said of Paul. “I don’t think it’s about money for him I think it’s about credibility and fame. Him fighting me is a massive risk for him, he knows that.

It’s safe to say that with both of these viral figures in the ring this event would sell out. Check back here for updates on the potential match and you will be the first to know if it goes down.