The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body

todayJuly 4, 2023 33

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In this episode, I discuss cannabis (aka marijuana), including the biological mechanisms underlying its effects on the mind and body, its known medical applications, its impact on libido, creativity, hunger, hormones and more. I also cover the known adverse health consequences of chronic and even acute (one-time) use and the factors that determine if cannabis is helpful or harmful. Additionally, I detail how the various strains of cannabis: sativa, indica and hybrid strains, can produce such divergent effects depending on the strain type, THC-to-CBD ratio, total dosage, and frequency of use. I review why cannabis can impact speech patterns and one’s propensity to develop anxiety/depression during and after use and, in some individuals, paranoia. As the legal landscape for cannabis is rapidly evolving, this episode should interest a wide audience, including former/current cannabis users, those in the medical, sports, law enforcement, and educational communities and, of course, children, teenagers, and parents.


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  • 00:00:00 Cannabis (Marijuana)
  • 00:04:46 New: Huberman Lab Premium Membership
  • 00:07:03 Tool: Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), Sleep & Anxiety
  • 00:10:08 Levels, Thesis, InsideTracker
  • 00:14:01 Momentous Supplements
  • 00:15:08 Cannabis Strains, Psychoactive Compounds: THC & CBD
  • 00:19:34 Sativa vs. Indica, Stimulant vs. Relaxation Effects
  • 00:25:55 Hybrid Cannabis Strains, Type 1, 2 & 3 Strains
  • 00:30:41 AG1 (Athletic Greens)
  • 00:31:56 Naturally Occurring Receptors: Nicotinic & Cannabinoid Receptors (CB1)
  • 00:40:35 THC, CBD vs. Endogenous Cannabinoids, Dependence
  • 00:43:14 Endogenous Cannabinoids, Cannabinoid Receptors & Nervous System Function
  • 00:53:07 Biological Effects of Cannabis
  • 00:56:29 Cannabis Sativa & Subjective Effects: Mood, Stress, Alertness, Paranoia
  • 01:04:58 Cannabis Indica & Subjective Effects, Memory, Dosage
  • 01:09:41 Brain Areas Affected by THC & CBD, Side Effects
  • 01:16:08 Creativity: Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking & Dopamine
  • 01:26:41 Does Cannabis Increase Creativity?
  • 01:35:08 Chronic Cannabis Use & Changes in Speech Patterns
  • 01:46:46 Cannabis & Libido, Dopamine & Prolactin
  • 01:56:55 Cannabis & Hormones: Prolactin, Testosterone, Estrogen & Fertility
  • 02:06:53 Smoking/Vaping Tobacco or Cannabis & Negative Health Consequences
  • 02:10:06 Avoiding Cannabis During Pregnancy/Breastfeeding, Fetal Neural Development
  • 02:18:13 Negative Health Consequences of Cannabis, Anxiety & Depression, Tolerance
  • 02:25:57 Cannabis Use & Adolescence/Young Adulthood, Predisposition to Psychosis
  • 02:34:36 Adolescent Cannabis Use: Brain Development & Mental Health Disorders
  • 02:41:44 Cannabis & Pain Management, Divergent Effects of Cannabis
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