Boosie and Fianceé Nana Talk Relationship and Career on Latest

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In the latest episode of the Baller Alert Show, hosted by Ferrari Simmons, BT, and OCT, rapper Boosie and his partner Nana open up about their relationship and careers. The couple shared heartwarming and candid moments that gave fans a deeper look into their lives.

The convo kicked off with Boosie talking about getting his start in the rap industry in the late 90s, discussing the ups and downs with labels and taking the independent route. He also touched on his production company and dived into the film industry.

Elsewhere in the interview, the conversation segwayed into Nana and Boosie’s relationship. Boosie humorously recounted that when they first met, Nana couldn’t really cook, so he took it upon himself to teach her. The first lesson was breakfast, as it’s Boosie’s favorite meal of the day. He described his detailed breakfast routine, including grits, eggs, egg whites, jelly toast, sausage patties, sausage links, bacon, and Kool-Aid. Nana admitted that Boosie can be impatient, but she has been the bigger person in their relationship lately. Despite their occasional arguments, they always come back stronger, crediting communication as the key to their successful relationship.

The conversation then shifted to Boosie’s illustrious career. He shared that he began rapping in the early ’90s and experienced his first taste of big success early on, hearing himself on the radio. Boosie revealed that he was already making substantial money even before his appearances on BET. Reflecting on his time in jail, Boosie spoke about how he emerged stronger and started his own record label, which led to greater success than when he was signed to a major label. He attributed this success to having more control over his career.

To wrap up the interview, Boosie delivered an inspiring pep talk to viewers, urging them to stay focused on their goals, surround themselves with real friends, and ignore the haters. Nana echoed his sentiments, encouraging viewers to chase their dreams, stay prayed up, and not let negativity hold them back.

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