Breaking The Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health

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As of today, there is still a stigma surrounding men’s mental health, which makes it increasingly difficult for them to reach out for help. According to most men, since birth, they were often told to “man up” or were expected to hide their emotions. In the end, having mental health concerns as a man is seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of masculinity. This Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, we are reminding you that mental health should be taken seriously despite your gender.

In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report stating that women were diagnosed with depression twice as men. However, the same report also said men died by suicide at a four times higher rate than their female counterparts. The stats aren’t too much of a surprise, seeing that the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that mental health issues are more prominent in women, but this could be due to the lack of men receiving help. But, we can’t call it all bad. In recent years, we have seen a slight uptick in men reaching out for mental health assistance. In 2021, 51.7% of women diagnosed with mental health conditions received aid, while 40% of men with similar issues gained support from mental health services.

Additionally, men who struggle with social acceptance, such as LGBTQ+ members, are more likely to suffer from mental health issues than their straight peers. Another example is men who are living with a disability. These individuals are roughly five times as likely to report a mental health crisis than other men without a disability. It’s also important to note that Black, Indigenous, or BIPOC men struggle with mental health challenges at a high rate as well. But because of their lack of resources, their conditions tend to worsen compared to white men, who have more access to support.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to support the cause, there are many ways to get involved. If you’re looking to go a low-maintenance route, reaching out to local businesses and asking what they can do to raise awareness is a good start. But, if you’re a person who likes to make huge contributions, hosting an event to raise money for the cause may be up your alley. Putting on a charity event that interests the community can bring in donations that can significantly impact certain organizations. No matter how you choose to make a difference, remember the importance of mental health, especially in men. So, find your favorite charity or organization, strap up your volunteer boots and get ready to make healthy changes!

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