Chris Brown Addresses Technical Difficulty That Left Him Hanging In

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Chris Brown found himself in a weird position mid-performance when the wires that suspended him over the audience and stage malfunctioned.

Known for his creative performances, Brown was in the midst of wowing the crowd with an aerial show that was supported by wires. However, just as he was ending the moment, the system glitched and left the Virgina singer dangling in the air. Despite the technical mishap, Brown continued performing to mask the hiccup from the crowd.

Shortly after, the audience started noticing something was wrong as Brown became visibly angry while trying to signal for his team. After several minutes, the incident was finally resolved as a ladder had been brought onstage. Brown then climbed down the ladder and his frustrations became clear as he exchanged words with someone off stage. Nonetheless, his professionalism shined through as he resumed the show.

Seeing as though Brown didn’t let the situation deter his mood for the rest of the night, shows his commitment to not only his fans but also his craft. As the show came to an end, he addressed the moment and confirmed that he was initially mad but let it go with the help of the crowd.

“N*gga got stuck in the air and sh*t,” Brown said to the audience. “I was mad as a motherf*cker, I ain’t even gone lie. But y’all helped me.”

It might be safe to say that Chris Brown has grown tremendously and has the ability to maintain his composure through unexpected changes.


Replying to @Jessmmmcg yes he may have been mad in the moment but he is a good sport. I’d be mad too if i was hanging there in front of mad people like an ornament on a tree! #chrisbrown #prudentialcenter #newarknj #prudentialcenternewarknj

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