City Girls May Be Over, But JT & Yung Miami

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Now that the City Girls era has come to a halt, JT and Yung Miami are working to be seen as individuals, which they are quickly mastering. 

With the release of their poorly received album, “RAW,” in October 2023, the women were clearly on different paths. Their rollout for the album was admittedly shaky, with the chemistry noticeably off between the two. The City Girls didn’t initially announce their split, though they did begin working separately.  However, after an April 2024 Twitter spat confirmed what many had already suspected. During a recent chat with Complex, Miami admitted that she and JT had grown apart. 

“I felt like naturally, when she’s doing her own thing, it just works for her. And when I’m doing my own thing, it works for me.  But when we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting, it just wasn’t working no more.  I think we were both at a point where it was just like, we should probably just do our own shi**,” Miami explained during the early June interview. 


While we’re sad to see the City Girls era come to an end, at least for now, there is no denying that JT and Yung Miami are thriving in their solo endeavors. Here’s a recap of their many strides as individual acts. 


JT released three popular singles

“No Bars” arrived in 2023 before City Girls officially announced their split. She followed up with “Sideways” in February 2024 and “Okay” in May 2024. The rapper announced her first solo tour in March 2024. Initially, it was a 14-city trek, which sparked controversy because JT was mostly booked at small venues. However, the tour quickly became popular, with JT continually adding more dates. The merch she often wears on tour became a point of interest, with fans flocking to purchase the looks. In a clever move, she began conducting pop shops in various cities, where cans could pull up to buy posters, shirts, and other items. 

Aside from music, she has found herself moving further into fashion, cozying up to designers such as Alexander Wang and Mugler. She also landed a deal with Black-owned eyewear company Lorvae. During her recent interview with Keyshia Ka’Oir, JT revealed that she was working on a custom nipple cover and boob tape line geared toward darker-skinned women. 

Yung Miami & her “Yams” era

In February 2024, Yung Miami began teasing her “Yams” era. While some have accused the rapper of being unclear with the direction of “Yams,” she pushed forward, releasing her first solo single, “50/50” that same month. She then followed up with “CFWM,” which featured Skilla Baby. The follow-up single included a popular social media challenge, where her supporters would show half their faces made up, with the other half clear. Additionally, she embarked on her own list of hostings across the country. 

She also continued to push her Caresha Please brand. While the podcast appears to be on hold, the clothing aspect of the company continues to boom, recently unveiling a Pride Month collection. The Resha Roulette card game is also a lucrative business for Miami, who just announced her live game night in Atlanta. 

JT and Yung Miami’s transition from City Girls to flourishing individual acts marks a significant evolution in their musical journey. Even if we never get another City Girls album, the Florida stars have given fans plenty to remember and more to look forward to.

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