“Dating App Burnout” Exists & Here’s Why You Might Be

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Some daters today like to say the dating pool has pee in it, and while that isn’t exactly true, it’s no secret that the dynamics have changed.

The rapid evolution of technology has introduced dating apps, making the traditional dating process much different.  With options such as Bumble, Hinge, and even Facebook Dating, those looking for love are now exposed to an overwhelming number of potential partners with a single swipe. However, experts don’t believe this is always the most viable option when seeking a partner. According to a May 2024 survey conducted by Forbes Health, a shocking 79% of Gen Z online daters have experienced dating app burnout, while 80% of millennials admitted the same.

“People who experience burnout with dating apps are exhausted from constantly meeting new people, failing opportunities, and lies. Over time, the unfortunate misgivings of being on a dating app can cause someone to lose hope in the dating process and finding the right person,” said Dr. Rufus Tony Spann, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist and Forbes Health Advisory Board member.

Another pressing problem is the impact of social media on relationship dynamics. The age-old question of “Should your partner post you?” has led to friction. Oftentimes, this comes up before a bond is even established. Some people also subconsciously compare their dating experiences to those seen on their timelines.  This is known as “social comparison theory,” where constant comparisons to others can devalue self-worth, interfering with potential connections.  Ghosting is also a bothersome practice in today’s dating scene. Sadly, it’s often normalized, typically as a way to avoid a confrontation when one person is no longer interested. This can occur digitally or in connections that have transcended the internet.

While these issues are giving the dating scene a bad rep, it’s unlikely they’ll change anytime soon. However, there are ways to combat dating fatigue when the journey to love becomes too tedious.

Delete the dating apps for a while.


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Cut off or distance yourself from meaningless connections. 


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Practice your self-care with solo dates.


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