Father’s Day Flops; Dads Get Real About The Many Unwanted

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With Father’s Day quickly approaching, many people are scrambling to find the perfect gifts, but are they buying the right ones?

For years, dads have been bombarded with tools, cologne, sports memorabilia, and other quintessential “dad” gifts. However, many men have secretly grown weary of these items, which frequently end up stashed in a junk drawer or abandoned on a forgotten shelf. Baller Alert asked three fathers about the gifts they hate receiving each year, and surprisingly, they listed several common go-tos.

One dad admitted that “a card or coffee mug” are the presents he despises the most. Another stated that “socks or any type of undergarments” are a major letdown. According to dad number three, items such as these serve no purpose and aren’t a cause for excitement.

“Getting me something you know I have no use for is horrible,” the father of one honestly declared, adding that it’s crucial for loved ones to notice what men like or need ahead of the holiday, which takes place on the third Sunday of every June. Interestingly enough, a 2020 survey uncovered similar results from men across the country.

The poll, conducted by Coupon Lawn, interviewed 1,020 men who shared that clothing, books/CDs, cards, and personal care items were the most unwanted gifts. This mirrors what our dads shared with us. The poll found that “special outings” were the most appreciated gifts among dads. Many participants highlighted that the best gifts are those that are unique and create lasting memories, something a day out with dad can definitely achieve. Other appreciated surprises in the poll were electronics, tools and appliances, and home improvement goods.

Ultimately, it depends on personal preferences, but if possible, go with things you know for a fact your dad enjoys. When in doubt, give your special guy a call.

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