Lil Woody, Lawyer Charges, and Secret Meetings: The YSL Trial’s

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The YSL trial has been filled with drama from the start, and recently, it has only gotten crazier. The case’s key witness, Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland, has been the focal point, with his testimony being filled with inconsistencies, forgetful moments, and even an alleged secret meeting with the judge and prosecutors. During much of his testimony, Copeland frequently asked, “Whatchu mean?” and even ranted about lying to police in previous interviews, which have been used to help build the RICO case against Young Thug and other YSL members. The trial concluded Day 92 on Friday, June 14th, and it’s unlikely to be complete anytime soon. Here’s a quick recap of the recent series of chaotic events involving Copeland.

June 7th
Copeland was arrested and held in contempt for initially refusing to testify against Young Thug on Friday, June 7th. While on the stand, Copeland pleaded the fifth, violating his previous agreement to testify. He spent the weekend in jail and resumed court on Monday, June 10th, this time agreeing to move forward with his recollection of criminal acts committed by Thug and others, though he didn’t exactly do so.


June 10th – Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, was held in contempt of court and briefly arrested. This shocking decision came after Steel confronted Judge Ural Glanville about an alleged meeting that took place in his chambers between Copeland and Fulton County prosecutors. During that secret gathering, Copeland allegedly confessed to killing an alleged YSL rival, Donovan “Nut” Thomas Jr., per Fox 5 Atlanta. When Steel refused to tell Judge Glanville how he learned of the meeting, he was held in contempt and ordered to serve ten weekends in jail. The Supreme Court granted Steel a bond, meaning he won’t be forced to serve the sentence, at least not anytime soon.


June 11th -Copeland fired his attorney, Kayla Bumpus, while he was on the stand. He told Judge Glanville, “She fired,” adding, “I don’t want her.” Bumpus also expressed wanting to be off the case, which will likely be granted once the proper documentation is filed.


June 12th –A Wednesday filing submitted by Young Thug’s defense attorney Doug Weinstein claimed that during the infamous private meeting, Assistant District Attorney Simone Hylton assured witness Kenneth Copeland that she wouldn’t prosecute him if he lied on the stand.

Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for the lengthy trial, which could run through 2027.

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