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Social media presents a unique set of challenges for relationships today, leading to a list of dos and don’ts in order to keep the peace.

Navigating many apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, while in a relationship requires increased mindfulness and respect. The primary rule of thumb is to remain honest with your partner about your online interactions. Whether you have virtual friends you’ve made over the years or if your exes still follow you online, communicating this to your partner can guarantee the trust remains unbroken.  Practicing several dos and don’ts when using apps will also play a key role in keeping your relationship happy and free of insecurity. 


Let people know you’re in a relationship

The debate about whether or not to post your mate has existed since the inception of these platforms. While this continues to depend on personal preference, there are other ways to let people know you’re in a relationship without announcing it to the world. When flirtatious messages grace your DMs, a quick “Hey, I’m taken” or “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend” response will suffice. 


Block people who don’t respect your relationship

If there are people who continue to shoot their shots even after you’ve acknowledged you’re with someone, this indicates they do not respect your spouse. It might be time to block them. 


Follow your significant other

Following your significant other’s profiles and interacting with them online is also a great way to include them in your digital activities. Additionally, it creates a bond, especially when sharing funny memes and other interesting posts. 



Don’t send the heart eyes

To avoid conflict with your significant other, keep the heart eyes away. Many times, when people share Instagram Stories, there is the option for users to “heart“ them or send the heart eye emoji to the person who shared it.  This can be viewed as flirting, which can cause major problems at home. 


Talking to people in vanish mode 

Instagram’s Vanish Mode feature is similar to Snapchat in that messages disappear after they’re opened.  This can be seen as a big no-no. Communicating with someone in Vanish Mode may suggest that you are trying to conceal messages in the event that your boyfriend/girlfriend goes through your social media. 


Subscribing to your followers OnlyFans

No, subscribing to your social media followers’ OnlyFans account is not okay in a relationship. Even if you get curious or want to lurk around, it’s never a good idea, as it could cross several personal boundaries.


Never air your relationship grievances online

If you opt to keep the details surrounding your romance under wraps, this should include the rocky times. Sharing “single“ on your IG Story during a break or letting your followers know you’re in the dog house may only prolong the conflict. Airing out your relationship grievances can come off one-sided and allow people online to insert themselves in your coupledom. 


Don’t compare your relationship to others on the timeline 

In the social media era, comparing yourself to others can be easy.  This also applies to couples. Seeing couples post about their lavish trips and creating content with one another could make you examine your own situation.  As the saying goes, comparison is the thief of joy.  Enjoy what you have instead of trying to attain the perfect facade of others. 


Utilizing social media thoughtfully while having a partner will only benefit your connection and keep your love life harmonious.

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