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Footage of Lil Baby’s traffic stop has surfaced, and it’s getting a few chuckles from social media users.

A few days ago, a clip showcasing the body cam footage of Lil Baby being stopped by a police officer in Atlanta in 2020 appeared online. According to the video, as the Georgia officer approached the Quality Control rapper in the driver’s seat, he questioned why he was being pulled over.

After learning that the stop was due to the vehicle’s dark tint, Lil Baby quickly responded, “Man, I’m a celebrity. Man, nobody can’t see me. Give me my ticket, let me ride.”

The officer then mentioned he was unaware of Lil Baby’s celebrity status, but the rapper didn’t let that bother him.

“It don’t matter,” Lil Baby added. “Give me my ticket. Let me ride home. I can’t have nobody seeing me right here. I’ma let my window up … Give me a ticket.”

The officer returned to the car, presented Lil Baby with a ticket, and informed him about the legal tint percentage in Atlanta. The 29-year-old rapper explained why he chose to darken his vehicle’s windows.

“You gotta have tint in Atlanta, these folks crazy,” he said. “I’ll take a ticket before I have somebody follow me home.”

Despite the initial tension, the interaction was brief and went smoothly. Check out how social media users reacted to the video below:

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