Video Footage Surfaces Of Lil Fizz Getting Into A Physical

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Last week, a video clip of former B2K member Lil Fizz getting into a scuffle during an interview. It was unclear what prompted the altercation at the time, but footage has surfaced that explains the reasoning for the brief tussle.

According to the video, Fizz and actor Jordan Lee Brown joined the Movies & Models podcast to promote their upcoming film, “Run Nixon.” During the conversation, Brown explained that he initially thought he would receive the main role in the movie, which is played by Fizz, but later accepted his character once he read the script.

“I just saw like the character breakdown, like cool, I’m the lead. If we ain’t talking lead, leave me alone. It was just like in a way for me, I put in a lot of work,” Brown said. “I don’t know too many actors that go through the leaps and bounds and the measures.”

Brown was then cut off by one of the hosts who mentioned that Fizz had successful accomplishments within the film industry. However, Brown stood by his statement and reiterated that he didn’t know many actors that have grinded for their careers like him.

Moments later, Fizz chimed in and expressed that he felt like Brown was being shady and throwing shots at him. The situation escalated as the two men exchanged words with one another with Fizz claiming Brown wouldn’t have opportunities if it wasn’t for him. But, of course Brown called cap on the statement and shared that he didn’t know anything about Fizz outside of B2K.

Things then took a turn for the worst after Brown mentioned that Fizz was jealous of his success and the awards he’s getting from the film. At that point, Fizz decided to end the disagreement by asking Brown, “what’s up bro? What you really feel?”

Nevertheless, the verbal altercation concluded with Fizz approaching Brown which led to the two men getting into a fight. Regarding the rest of the interview, both actors were removed from the podcast as director SkyDirects apologized for incident and clarified that he does not promote violence and revealed that Fizz and Brown had tension with each other from the beginning.

“I just want to apologize first and foremost,” SkyDirects said. “That’s not the tone that I really promote. I don’t promote violence, I don’t promote disrespect so I apologize for what occurred.”

He added, “I’m going to be honest. The tension has been building since day one. I kept these guys separated and I purposely do that on set because I want, even with Nixon, I wanted Nixon to not meet Jordan Lee Brown. I want him to be afraid and intimidated on set so he didn’t meet Jordan until it was time to shoot his scene.”

Check out the full interview below:

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